Anna Murgia Family Trees

I am a Swedish artist and illustrator. After growing up in a small village called Löddeköpinge in the south of Sweden, I was eager to see what the world had to offer. I spent one year in the USA, as an exchange student, and one year as a nanny in Belgium before it was time for two years of university studies in England.

After working for an advertising agency in the dark forests of Småland (in the south of Sweden), my heritage called me back to where I came from, the southern most region of Sweden, Skåne! I settled in Malmö and met the man of my dreams (half Italian-half Swedish) at work! He also made me fall in love with Sardinia – the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, where we lived for two and a half years before returning to Sweden in early 2020. 

Anna Murgia - Creator of Unique Hand-painted Family Trees

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. After high school I studied one year at Hässleholm’s Art School, Sweden, but I also have a BSc in Business Management.

With this mix of education and several years of experience in the media business, I started my own business in 2005. Ever since then I have been creating high quality, tailor made hand-painted family trees and genealogical illustrations for people and companies all over the world.

Anna Murgia - Creator of Unique Hand-painted Family Trees
Anna Murgia - Creator of Unique Hand-painted Family Trees
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