FAQ - Anna Murgia Family Trees

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How do I decide who to put in the trunk of the tree, ie where to switch from ancestors to descendants?

Answer: There is no right or wrong to this question, but where you start affects the number of generations you will be able to fit in your tree’s roots (ancestors) and how large the crown of the tree (descendants) will be. Usually we start with one couple in the trunk (ie your parents), to get both of their ancestors in the roots. But it’s also possible to start with two or four couples in the trunk, to get a larger crown. If you for example have two sets of grandparents in the trunk, you will have your aunts, uncles and cousins, in the crown, in addition to your parents and siblings.

If the same ancestor appears more than once in the roots, how is that illustrated?

Answer: This happens when for example one of your ancestors married his or her cousin or second cousin (not uncommon in older times), and they in turn have the same ancestor. You can either just repeat the person in all the places he or she appears, or I can rearrange the order of the roots, so that they actually are connected to the same person. The second method is a little bit more complex, but it illustrates the situation more clearly.

Is it possible to leave out roots where there is no information?

Answer: You can, but I don’t recommend it. You can choose to have fewer generations or fewer roots if you don’t have much information nor expect you ever will. But if you think you will continue your research, or if some one else will, and you would like to have the possibility to upgrade your tree I recommend, I paint a full set of roots for the number or generations that you want. If you find more information it is then easy to update your existing tree with few changes and a new print.

How do you illustrate divorces?

Answer: If there are children in the relationship I often suggest to add the spouse that is the child’s other parent in the child’s name box. It is also possible to add more than one spouse to a person if they are divorced/separated and then maybe re-married. Again if there are children involved, putting the name of the other parent to each child can be helpful for clarity.

Is it possible to add adopted children?

Answer: Absolutely. It is your family tree and you decide who will be in your tree. Family is not always blood.

How many generations can you fit in a bespoke family tree?

Answer: It basically depends on the amount of space on your wall. If you choose a framed painting (ie 70 x 100 cm or ca 27 x 39 inches) you can fit approximately 10 generations (6 generations of ancestors in the roots and 4 generations of descendants in the crown of the tree). The larger the painting, the more generations and the more names you can fit in. Why not have it printed on wallpaper, to cover the whole wall?


Can I add portraits of the people in my bespoke family tree?

Answer: Absolutely! You can choose to add scanned photos of everyone in the tree. If you like, all photos can be adjusted so that they are all the same style (for example black and white, or sepia tones (like old fashioned portrait photos) or you can even choose to have the portraits painted by me. All I need is a photo to start from.

What kind of tree will my bespoke family tree be?

Answer: It’s all up to you. Choose your favorite tree or a tree that is connected to your family’s history. I have painted oak trees, weeping willows, blood beeches, magnolias and maple trees. What will your tree be? Only your imagination sets the limit.

How do I submit my family research?

Answer: If you have your research in a genealogy software, most programs allow you to make a gedcom-export. This file you can e-mail to me, and I can import it into my software. This is the safest way to minimize errors, as I get all the family connections between the right people right away.
If you only have your research on paper make sure that it is properly organized, and that every person is clearly marked with their relation to the proband or propositus (you, or the person your tree is supposed to start with). You can send me a copy of your paper material with snail mail, or scan it and send it via email. If you send it in the post, make sure you send a copy, not your original documentation.

How do I submit photos to my family tree?

Answer: The best way is if you can have them scanned in good quality and proper resolution and email them to me. You can also send me copies of your paper photos with snail mail, and I will scan them for you, and return them once your tree is completed. If you send photos in the post, it’s best to send copies in case they get lost in the mail, but they need to be of photo quality.

How long does it take to have a bespoke tree made?

Answer: Usually a bespoke, tailor made tree takes about 4-6 months to create, but it also depend on how involved you are in the process. I will send you proofs that needs checking and replying to. If you are quick to get back me, your tree will be ready sooner. But also, if you need to take more time with proof reading, that is not a problem. Just know that it may affect the delivery time.

How many prints can I order of my family tree?

Answer: Your family tree is tailor made for you and your family, and no one else can buy your tree. But you can order as many prints as you like of it. The base price includes one print, and extra prints are charged when sent from the printer.

What material is the final painting?

Answer: Your family tree is hand-painted, but then names, photographs and illustrations are added digitally, so the final product is an art print. Therefore you can choose your material, be it watercolor paper, artist canvas, wallpaper, a roll up curtain or any other media that you can print on. The choice is yours.

If you have any questions on how to create your family tree,
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