FFT Live – Digital Genealogy Conference

Welcome to my Zoom Room at FFT LIVE!









   Program Sunday 4th of October

Every presentation block is approximately 20 minutes,
where I show you different kinds of family trees,
and then you are welcome to ask questions!

Win a 6-generation Ancestor Tree, filled out and printed just for you.

Find out how to win in my Zoom Room.

10:00 am Presentation in English
11:00 am Presentation in Swedish
12:00 pm Presentation in English
1:00 pm Presentation in Swedish
2:00 pm Presentation in English
3:00 pm Announcement of winner of the Lottery

Information regarding the
whole event and other exhibitors,
speakers and the entire program is available on FFT Live.


Getting ready to get online!

There certainly has been an enormous increase in online meetings and other digital tools to help facilitate remote work these past few months. Therefore I did not hesitate to sign up as an exhibitor of the new online genealogy event in Sweden!

Between the 2nd and 4th of October, FFT Live will take place!

I will, like on every Swedish Genealogy Days I have ever attended (about 11 or 12 of them), show you a selection of my tailor-made, unique for every customer, hand-painted family trees. The only difference is that so many more people can attend when we don’t have to travel to the same location. Isn’t that great? 😊

And of course you will be able to talk to me about what your own hand-painted family tree can look like!🌱

Free Exhibition
The exhibition is completely free, but if you want to get tickets for the speakers and workshops be sure to stop by FFT Live’s website as well. There you will find a complete program for lectures, workshops, exhibitors and of the market place.

Even if you don’t speak Swedish
The most exciting thing about doing an online exhibition – in my opinion anyway – is that you can join from anywhere in the world! Although most of the conference will be in Swedish – as I have customers worldwide I will be happy to speak English too! I do speak some Italian too (although my English is much better). I also completely understand Norwegian and Danish (but sorry to say I do not speak it very well, but luckily many Danes and Nores understand Swedish). I am sure we will be able to communicate somehow! 😉

Look in the green box below with the program, what times I start directly in English!

Come join me!
I hope you will come visit me in my “booth” via the link to my very own zoom room – Get your link here or on the button in the mauve colored box! If you have never used Zoom before, you can sign up and download the free version here.

Post last updated 02/10/2020