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Your tree is completely unique - Anna Murgia Family Trees

Every family tree is custom made and hand-painted. You can make it personal to your family with your own photographs and illustrations created especially for you.

Add a photograph or painting of your childhood home, or of the church where you were christened. Did one of your ancestors have a really exciting profession that can be illustrated? Add the family farm or grandpa’s grocery shop.

The painting will become something unique that everybody in your family can feel that they are a part of! Only your imagination sets the limits.

Share with your loved ones

The original painting is printed on high-quality canvas and limited prints are available for everyone in your family, so they can also have a fantastic heirloom to hang on their wall.

A beautiful adaptable gift

A hand-painted family tree is a wonderful gift to your loved ones, and it can easily be personalised to fit the recipient. If it’s a gift to your parents you may want to include an illustration of the church where they got married, or a lullaby they used to sing to you as a child. If it’s an anniversary gift for your loved one you could add an illustration of your wedding rings or a reference to the place where you fell in love.

Your tree keeps growing

Your tree can keep growing with your family! Every finished tree can be further developed as new additions come along! If you continue your research and find a new branch of ancestors, or if cousin Lisa gets married and has children, this can all be added to your tree.