How I work - Anna Murgia Family Trees

If you are eager to find out what your family tree could look like, just contact me to book a free consultation!

You will need to have an idea of how many people you would like to have in your tree and an approximate size of the finished painting. We will discuss what kind of tree you would like, and if you want to add extra photos and illustrations. Once I understand what you are looking for I will get back to you with a quote.

Close collaboration

I will work closely with you and listen to your thoughts and ideas, until the painting looks just the way you want it. From your wishes I create the roots and the crown of the tree.

The creation process

Once you have given me the commission, you can follow the creation process, by electronic proofs,  from first digital sketch, by way of the hand-painted tree and illustrations, to the printed painting that the whole family can get their own limited print of.

When you have sent me your family information, I start by making a digital sketch of your family tree, where I place all the names of your relatives. In this moment we focus on the disposition of the whole picture.

When you are happy with the layout, I start to paint your tree. Depending on size I can sometimes paint the whole tree in one piece, and sometimes I have to divide it into two or more parts.

I paint with either water color, water color pencils or acrylics. You are free to choose which medium you prefer, or I can choose for you.

When the whole tree is painted and you have approved it, I send it off to be scanned. After that I can add it to the names, photos and other illustrations in your family heirloom painting.

This is the last part of the process, where the tree is added with photographs and other illustrations to the names of your relatives. Once you have approved everything, you decide how many prints you would like of your hand-painted family tree, and on what material you would like to have it printed. Once printed it is all sent to you by post. I always recommend that you frame your artwork locally, as I cannot guarantee that it will arrive in one piece framed in Sweden.

What are you waiting for?
Let’s bring your family together! ❤️

Bespoke commissions

Since every commission is unique and very important to me, and I want your tree to be perfect and exactly the way you want it to be, delivery times vary from 3-6 months, and I can work on maximum 3 parallel commissions at the time. This is why I can only take 10 commissions per year. When time fills up, there will be a waiting list for the next year, or next available month.

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