Släktingar - Anna Murgia Family Trees

I am very happy to announce that my first collaboration partner is Släktningar.
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Släktingar - Anna Murgia Family Trees
Släktingar - Anna Murgia Family Trees
Släktingar - Anna Murgia Family Trees

Släktingar is a warm, personal and very knowledgable genealogy agency where committed genealogists have created a service they feel is missing from the market.

Släktingar offer a service that builds on the strength of cooperation, but also leans on the importance of quality. It is a high quality and source checked data base, where you can build and get help with your family tree – but also help others and earn points that you can exchange for genealogy services for your self. You can get help with complete family research where you can choose to have 3-7 generations of your family (15-255) people mapped out.

Except for all this Släktingar also offers photography of farms and places, photo restoration and quality control of already made research. Släktingar also runs one of Sweden’s most visited genealogy blogs.

A year’s membership with Släktingar costs SEK 499:- and a generations mapping costs between SEK 1.500-28.900.

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Släktingar are also on Facebook – Follow them there!

At you can create your own profile and start to build your family tree. Collaborate with other members or hire the competent genealogists at Släktingar to do the work for you!

Visit their blog for loads of interesting articles related to genealogy!


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