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Here are some testimonials from previous customers, 
what they think about their tailor made family trees,
and what their trees have meant to their families.

Evergrowing roots - Anna Murgia Family Trees

The tree has meant a lot to us. We have it hung on three families’ walls. And the children understand more about how the families are connected.

Adam, Alicante, Spain

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The tree means so much to all of us. Whilst it was originally commissioned for my uncle, so many family members have been able to have their own limited edition print.

Kenneth, Kalmar, Sweden

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Our family tree brought my mother so much happiness. It occupied a wall in her home, a wall that many family members stood in front of for lengths of time. The same is happening now that it is hanging on a wall in my home.

For my children it will most probably mean more in the future, when they are looking back on their own lives. What’s wonderful is that as our family grows they can be added to our tree as well – a real family heirloom.

Anders, Bergshamra, Sweden

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This tree means the world to me because it is a unique one of a kind art piece that displays my children’s pedigree chart, a treasure for future generations to follow.

Josie, San Francisco, USA

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After many years of collecting background information from many different people and adding my own research I myself tried to produce a family tree in the early 1990s, where I wanted to include the ancestors both of my husband and myself. But of course a pencil and an eraser can only get you so far. So after Anna had successfully created a number of beautiful family trees for other people I realized we would both be much better off for her to do the artwork and for me to continue researching.

The first edition of our tree was printed in 2011 for the main purpose of being ”the talk of the town” in the elderly home where my mother had to move. It was a full-blown success, creating many wonderful meetings and lots of talk.

Last time it was ”publicly” displayed was at my mother’s funeral reception in 2015 where many relatives had gathered. After that it was shipped to the US and now hangs in my brother’s home in Texas.

As I managed to gather a significant amount of more research data we had a new version printed in 2016 on canvas as a roll-up curtain, so I can could my own copy.But we are not done yet! I aim to add some new material from my continued research, and I want Anna to make some personal illustrations to be added for the next version. We also have more weddings and new family members to be added to the top of the tree. We are so much looking forward to the next version!

Kerstin, Löddeköpinge, Sweden

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